Friday, December 3, 2010

Et tu, rich athlete?

In honor of the recently disgraced and completely oblivious Lebron James, I have decided to focus my spicy, guacamole-flavored hate energies on other professional athletes that have left fans completely bewildered and frothing in anger.  I will begin this blog by noting that although there are plenty of "ass-letes", there are many more hardworking and mature professionals that make sports enjoyable for the rest of us  most sports figures are involved in "douche-letics".

As if being paid sinfully obscene amounts of money weren't enough, professional athletes have made a practice of making sure that rules and other oh, say, federal laws don't apply to them.  Case in point: Ben Roethlisberger.

Who knew money could buy freedom...twice?

Not only do professional athletes remind us that the laws don't apply to them, they also inform us that they are physically, intellectually, morally, and sexually superior to the general populace.  Tiger Woods, anyone?

Tiger scopes the scene.

And when they aren't engaging in questionable behavior, cheating is always another option.                            

"Good, I can feel your anger." 

So why do we put up with ridiculous behavior from pro athletes?  Do we feel they shouldn't be held accountable?  Are we worried of irreparably damaging our heroes and heroines?  Or should we not care at all?  How much allowance should we give to someone who catches pigskins exceptionally well?  Or throws really hard?  Or is amazingly proficient at hitting a ball into a hole?  Readers, I know you don't have the answers to these questions.  Thank god I do.  And I'll let you figure it out while I try to weasel out of paying this parking prowess in online "Halo" tournaments has got to count for something.  Sing like no one is listening. 

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